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Jewelry Making Membership

Welcome fellow Artisans and World Changers

Firstly let me congratulate you on choosing to take your craft to the next level by committing to improve your jewelry making skills.

Why was this Community formed

Over the years I participated in many shows that exposed me to the best in the business.  It was then I concluded that there is a need for more skillful artisans who can offer top quality yet affordable designer jewelry.  This initiative was birthed to not only create such persons, but to also expose them to persons who can assist them in taking their skill and products “beyond borders”.  My belief is EVERY woman should be able to afford to “stand out beautifully”. Why not be the person that is responsible for doing just that? 

About The Membership

 Membership to Chevette Williamson’s DIY community will empower its’ members to build a brand both locally and internationally. It will also allow them to make jewelry that enhance the beauty of other women and themselves.

What is the Membership

It is often quoted that collaboration and not competition is the key to any successful venture, and I believe this to be true. With that said we have decided to form this jewelry making community that will aid in training and supporting artisans, whether in the beginning or advanced stage.

Why Should I Join this Membership

You should become a member of CWJ Community because it will afford you the opportunity to:

- Create beautiful, timeless pieces through the art of jewelry making.

· -Create another stream of income 

·- Present opportunities for personal development in the areas of business, public relations and marketing.

· -Be a part of informative and productive workshops with professionals in their fields.

-Network with other successful artisans. 

For those of you who are in the advanced group, we are excited about preparing you to 

-Display your designs both nationally and internationally

What is the Cost of the Membership and How Does it Work

 Membership is offered on two levels; Beginner and Advanced. 

Beginner level cost is $20 per month - At this level you will learn a variety of basic techniques in jewelry making that include:

Necklace, Earring and Ring techniques – Crochet  technique– Pearl Knotting technique – Twisting with Wire technique and much more.  Once you have perfected all the jewelry making techniques you are able to graduate to the advance level.

Join Beginner's Membership Here!

Advanced level cost is $60 per month – This level  requires you to  have mastered the basic techniques of jewelry making.  It is at this stage that you begin designing and producing your “collection”.  You will be learning the techniques CW use to make her statement jewelry.  It is at this stage that you will begin to create your brand (what you will be known for), for wholesale and retail sales.

                       We are excited about preparing you to design and create!

Join Advance Membership Here!

Learn the basic method of being a PRECIOUS Gem. Develop your skills and showcase your own Fashion Style! BE YOU!

What can you expect from being a part of this community?

You can expect:

  •  A safe creative space to make mistakes and to grow your craft.

  •  A strong support system within this community with feedback where necessary.

  • To be able to obtain the necessary resources and assistance to ensure your success.

  •  Step by step training from Chevette Williamson and her Team

  • Training to assist in making your products profitable. (ie. building a brand, creating a lucrative business, table display etc)

  • Opportunities will be presented to have the jewelry you make displayed both locally and internationally through pop up shows and expos.

  • Fulfillment in knowing that you are tapping into your creative gifting and participating in personal growth and development.