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Affiliate Marketing and Sales

Affiliate Marketing and Sales

Regular price $40.00

You will be able to sell your jewelry and craft on our platform which is a fully operating website with a vast Local and International following. We take on the marketing headache and launch your creation to the world. As an artisan, your ability to charge top dollar is directly affected by your audience.

Followers of Chevy Accessories now Chevette Williamson Jewelry/ Beading and Craft Gallery have come to expect CLASSY, WELL MADE pieces that will be Trend Setting collections for a long time to come. We advertise your pieces on our website, when purchased, you will be notified and will provide said piece ready for shipping, at which time payment will be issued for the same minus the commission.


How do I qualify to be an affiliate ?

To take advantage of this part of the membership you will have to be a DIY beginner member for a minimum of 6 months paying $30.00 membership monthly.

Affiliate Marketing and Sales – Membership is $40.00 monthly. As a member of the Facebook jewelry making community, you are eligible to qualify for this part of the membership if your jewelry meets our standards. .

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