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Sourcing Raw Materials

Sourcing Raw Materials

Regular price $40.00
To take advantage of this part of the membership you will have to be a DIY beginner member for a period of 6 months paying $30.00 membership monthly.

The membership fee for this community is $ 40.00 monthly. Should you decide to be a part of this community, we will teach you the business of jewelry making! (multiple streams of income) You’re able to take advantage of this opportunity to sell jewelry and craft making products with our guidance. We have taken the time to source the best raw materials and tools at very competitive prices.

We will not purchase, ship or store items for you, but we will direct you to the best wholesalers available. We will post the products you have purchased to the BACG website. (please note you will start where your financial pocket allows you to)

Once your product is purchased by a customer on the website we contact you to deliver and you are paid for the product!

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